Custom Apparel for Creating Brand Impressions

Brand impression refers to the image that a brand creates on the minds of the customers. In other words, what does the customer think when he hears about the brand.
Each brand wishes to be a market leader in its field. There may be a thousand brands however only a handful of them might be known to most of the people.
Some of the examples of market leaders include- Google, Colgate, Apple, Coca-Cola among others.
There are a lot of things that a brand can do in order to become a market leader and be well known to people around.
These range from improving their brand presence online to taking various steps to advertise.
Here, we will be discussing one such strategy to improve their brand presence through customised apparel.
Now, one might think how something as simple as a t-shirt or a badge of their brand might be useful in order to increase their presence online.
Well, this power is something that has not been harnessed to the full and if you have a new brand, this is surely for you.

First, these customised apparels act as walking billboards. Now imagine, you are traveling on the subway ,in a public bus or even in a shared cab. Thousands of billboards might come across your way however, no ad agency, not even the market leaders can give you cent per cent that your ad is seen by a particular no of people.
However, if you would have worn your brand’s custom t-shirt, it is sure that people would have given it a view and at times, it might act as a great conversation starter too.

Second, these t-shirts are cheaper ways of advertising.
To buy an ad in any of the no.1 dailies of any country, or to secure even a 10-sec spot during the prime time news or during a super bowl or IPL match between the popular teams, it can cost you a grand sum of money.
Even a hoarding on the main road or google ads might cost you a large sum of money.
At the same time, getting a large number of T-shirts printed is extremely cheap.
These t-shirts can be made by the local tailor or even be designed online. There are a lot of brands which can print your t-shirts for almost half the price you would pay for traditional or online sources of advertising.

Third, these t-shirts bring more uniformity in your company.
While you might be at your nearest departmental or electronic store, you might wonder why everyone in the working staff wore the same kind of t-shirts or shirts.
The reason for this is plain and simple. The employer wishes to bring a sense of community and show the sentiment that each employee is the same. Similarly, wearing the same t-shirt brings along a sense of community and does not distinguish one from the another.

Fourth, the novelty of t-shirts never wears off. A hoarding may be taken down after a while. An advertisement on google might stop appearing after a while. However, a t-shirt is something that remains with you for a while. You might stop wearing it to work or to a formal occasion after a while. However, you might wear it in your gym attire or as a nightwear.

After a while, you might even give it to someone but still, the name of your brand remains prominently which itself is a symbol of the presence.

Fifth, customised printed t-shirts are more convenient to carry around. Imagine, you go to a conference or a public event. You might get a large amount of goodies from the company. These goodies can range from pens, keychains, tote bags, brochures, sunglasses, mints among others.

However, some of these things can be inconvenient to carry around and one might often discard these right after the event ends. However, a custom shirt might be something that one might just wear right after the event ends and continue to walk back.
Further, if an attendee takes a subway or a public bus, it could actually act as an icing on the cake. Chances are, that the t-shirt would get recognition and as mentioned previously, it could act as a great conversation starter about the event.

Most start-ups, who are looking for recognition, can adopt this strategy to create a niche in the market.
If you, as a brand wish to be recognised by the youth, this way is the most effective.

If you are giving sponsorship for any marathon or the cleanliness drive in your city, you should not forget the role of printed t-shirts that bear the name of your brand and again these would remain with the attendees for a long time.
Well, now you might wonder how the strategies mentioned above would help in creating an impression for your brand.
This again depends on the expansion that you wish to have with your brand . If you wish to start local and then go nationwide or province wide, then this could be an effective brand strategy for you.

You all surely might remember the show “Shark Tank” wherein budding entrepreneurs from all across the United States would come and pitch in their products or services for getting funded by potential investors.
If you might have observed closely, you would see a large number of people would wear t-shirts of their own brand.
The reason for the same is plain and simple. Wearing your brands’ t-shirt would imply the kind of love and dedication you would have for it.

For people who have just kickstarted your business, maybe when you go for your next pitch deck or client meeting, you must try and wear the apparel of your brand since it shows the dedication you have towards it . Also it might show how you perceive it.

At the end, it is equally important that you invest in both online and offline marketing strategies.
For offline marketing, creating customised brand apparel is something that is both cost effective and something that would run for long period of time.

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